The most adorable on the BSC network

Once upon a time, in the exciting world of cryptocurrencies, there was a new memecoin called $BDOGA. This unique memecoin was created on BSC, featuring low taxes. But, in addition to the technical aspects, BDOGA will pay reflections in DOGITA to its holders.

coming soon

Who's BDOGA?!




Baby Dogita was born. With his low taxes LOCKED liquidity, he represented his views on the power of love, trust and the importance of valuing and protecting what they built together.


Here you can be part of everything we are building. And on top of that, save a valuable asset that could bring you benefits in the future. MINT your NFT right now and be part of Baby Dogita’s story.


Baby Dogita's story is a reminder that love and passion can inspire remarkable creations. It reminds us that amid life's complexities, genuine connections and shared dreams have the power to create something extraordinary.

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